Diagnostic MRI Skin Map Database


Using MRI data to develop a database that systematically characterizes skin properties

Developing a skin map for a patient and comparing it to the database to determine the best treatment

Using a patient’s MRI skin map data to determine the settings of skin treatment devices (e.g., a laser)

Enables skin care professionals to better diagnose and characterize skin and determine the optimal treatment options

Quantifies MRI skin-depth profiles

Dr. Alexander Pines of Berkeley Lab, Dr. Bernhard Bluemich at RWTH Aachen University, and Dr. Richard Glogau have developed a new approach to classifying different types of skin based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. It is designed to provide a detailed characterization of skin types that can be used for prescribing customized skin treatments such as a laser or pharmaceutical treatment, a skin care regimen, or cosmetic surgery.

The new MRI skin map database will contain a comprehensive and detailed skin classification with associated treatment options and recommendations. The system is designed to help skin care professionals determine the most effective skin care treatments that are optimized for a patient’s skin type. The MRI skin map database will be the first skin-type assessment system that characterizes skin based on MRI-derived parameters (e.g., proton density, NMR relaxation times at different depths inside the skin). Such skin maps will be created and standardized for the face and other areas of the body, using a wide cross-section of patients with different gender, age, ethnicity, body type and weight.

The MRI skin map database will enable health profesionals to diagnose and characterize skin correctly and to determine the corresponding optimal treatment options as follows: First, the patient’s skin is measured using MRI and an individual skin map is created. Then, this individual skin map is compared against the comprehensive MRI skin map database. Finally, the treatment information associated with the skin maps in the database allows determination of the appropriate treatment options for the patient. Such options include settings for a skin treatment device using a laser, radio frequency, plasma or pulsed light, as well as the best combination of topical therapeutics. This will be the first skin diagnosis and treatment system that is based on detailed MRI data, rather than on traditional and more subjective criteria such as the degree of wrinkles and skin color.

Inventor(s): Dr. Alexander Pines, Dr. Bernhard Bluemich, and Dr. Richard Glogau

Type of Offer: Licensing

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