A Functional Food with Indications for Peptic Ulcers

BACKGROUND 1 in 10 people are affected by peptic ulcers over the course of their lifetime. Incidence of the condition is set to increase as the population ages. Current treatment relies on combination antibiotic therapy. However, a 20% failure rate and increasing antibiotic resistance highlight the need for a new therapeutic paradigm. THE TECHNOLOGY Prof Ian Roberts’ group at the University of Manchester are developing natural extracts for the treatment and prevention of peptic ulcers that specifically target the causative agent, the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Two distinct classes of ‘actives’ have been identified:
1) Anti-adhesive activity
• prevents & removes H.pylori colonisation of the gut epithelium
• heat & proteinase resistant 2) Anti-bacterial activity
• novel class of antibiotic
• high potency & specificity for H.pylori
• proteinase resistant KEY BENEFITS
• Narrow spectrum activity – do not harm natural gut flora
• Unique mode of action – no microbial resistance problems
• Natural extracts already in food chain – reduced regulatory hurdles
• Cheap to produce – waste product from existing food production lines APPLICATIONS
• Functional food ingredients
• Novel pharmaceutical drugs PATENT STATUS UK patent specifications filed OPPORTUNITY Of interest to Pharma and Biotech companies and agencies with a view to collaborative development to bring this novel treatment to the clinic.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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