Composition of Liposomal GM-CSF

Pharmaceutical and immunological scientists at the University at Buffalo have developed novel formulations for cytokine and growth factor drugs, including recombinant interleukin-12 (rhIL-12), GM-CSF and VEGF-C. Depending on the preferred method of a dministration, these formulations can be customized to either remain localized at the site of injection or prolong circulation time, and in either case with minimal or no loss of biological activity. One of these formulations, liposomal rhIL-12, appe ars to overcome the toxicity limitations associated with previous IL-12 therapeutic candidates. Both biophysical characterization and in vivo effectiveness have been demonstrated for these liposomal rhIL-12 formulations, thus providing evidence that minimal systemic exposure of rhIL-12 can be achieved via this drug delivery method. In vivo studies using xenografts of breast, lung, and ovarian carcinomas in mice have shown that sustained release of biologically active rhIL-12 from the liposomes following a single intratumoral injection can activate tumor-associated lymphocytes and induce the elimination of tumor cells in as little as two weeks. Features such as improved delivery and stability while retaining biological activity of the ther apeutic protein of interest enable these formulations to be used in a variety of applications, including but not limited to cancer immunotherapy and lymphedema.

See also: 6234, 6282

Categories: Healthcare, Therapeutic and Vaccines

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