Many organizations see investment in R&D as vital for future productivity and economic growth. However, many IP teams find it challenging to establish a robust pipeline of new ideas and track trade secrets that become valuable intellectual property.
IdeaScout IdeaScout is a revolutionary idea and innovation management software solution that closes the gap between researchers and developers and the IP team.

Unlike other platforms, IdeaScout is specific to accelerating IP filing and time to market by removing barriers to invention disclosure, turning ideas into intellectual property.

IdeaScout’s unique capabilities include:

--Inventor-Focused, Easy Idea Submission: Designed to meet inventors where they are, new ideas can be submitted by simply sending an email

--Automated, Intelligent Feedback: Give inventors immediate feedback through an intelligent agent, so they can refine their idea and increase quality of the submission

--Expert Network & Profiles: Encourage collaboration across your global inventor community with an expert network of over 18 million inventor profiles preloaded

--Efficient Idea Prioritization & Review: Capture and catalog strategic ideas, including trade secrets, as early as possible to ensure protection

--Generate Reports & Disclosure Documents: After an idea has been revised, a disclosure document can be created as a PDF or in the case of an API connection to your IPMS, the invention disclosure information can be sent directly to your IPMS. IdeaScout administrators can create a disclosure template, tailoring the fields and mapping them as necessary

--Powerful Analytics: Robust analytics, including true semantic search, allows the IP team to efficiently review the pipeline of ideas and determine which to pursue for prosecution and patenting

--Pre-Populated IP Database: Non-patent literature (NPL) is pre-populated and integrated with other data sources to allow inventors to search for relevant documents and experts for their ideas

--Import Past Ideas: Start seeing the benefit of IdeaScout right from the start with the ability to import private IP information like past disclosures, abandoned applications, and prior art repository to avoid duplicate efforts

--Flexible Administrator Controls: After assigning administrators to IdeaScout, they can configure many aspects of the platform to enhance security, motivate inventors, and integrate with other IP processes, like further analysis or prosecution

--Secure Platform: The entire process is protected through our secure email, intelligent agent, and enforced security policies to help further prevent willful infringement

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