Open Innovation to Solve Health and Medical Problems

It’s not always the researchers and doctors who come up with the brilliant health and medical breakthroughs that can ultimately save lives. Members of the crowd play their part too via open innovation contests and hackathons.

From mobility problems among the elderly to fighting the spread of infectious diseases, lay people are increasingly tackling public health issues. Here are four examples that have been featured on IdeaConnection’s website.
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Quotes to Inspire Big Thinking

Whether you think outside the box, have your best thoughts while in the shower or walking the dogs let these quotes turbo-charge your thinking to solve whatever problems or challenges you are currently working on.

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” Zig Ziglar
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Nokia Launches Open Innovation Challenge

Nokia has officially launched its annual Nokia Open Innovation Challenge, a global contest that seeks world-changing technologies, products or solutions.

This time around the focus is on industrial automation and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and the prize pot available to winning companies is $175,000.
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According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, approximately 20 Veterans commit suicide each day. And in 2014, roughly 67% of all Veteran deaths by suicide were the result of firearm injuries.

It’s grim statistics like these that prompted the agency to host an open innovation challenge to develop cost-effective solutions for firearm storage, which Veterans and their families and friends could use to prevent suicide, injury or accidents.
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The Road to Success with Open Innovation Facilitators

IdeaConnection’s problem-solving teams regularly come up with breakthrough innovations and solutions for a range of solution seekers. Helping these brilliant minds to deliver results are world-class facilitators.

From time to time we publish interviews with these super talented members of our teams to hear about their experiences. Here’s a little flavor of the some of things they’ve told us.
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