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Idea-improvement needs special effort in most companies. People with ideas may not have the business sense to see its potential or limitations, or the idea may lack data and clarity so no one sees its value when presented to management. An ‘Idea-Enhancement Innovation Program’ minimizes these problems by providing idea-people with the means to develop and evaluate their own idea before presentation to management, and by enabling management to make informed decisions about the idea.

I interviewed the head of ‘idea-improvement innovation programs’ in three Fortune-500 corporations to discover why they were successful. They remain anonymous.

These innovation programs solicit ideas, enhance them, and then persuade management to support the idea with resources. Such innovation support systems help idea-people to become involved in the identification and early development of ideas for new business opportunities through new technology, new products, and new processes.

In other words, these idea-enhancing programs enable people to dress up their idea before review by senior management who provide the resources for further development.

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Food safety is a growing demand all over the world. All food, and ingredients sold at local supermarkets or exported to EU countries, Canada and US must be traceable, and supply chain companies must be able to rapidly withdraw a batch of products from the market should the need arise.

True, we live in an ever-changing world of mass food production and, in the West at least, billion dollar retailers. Public concerns about food safety and worries about the apparent lack of transparency in the production and processing of food, mean that consumer demands have never been more stringent, according to IDTechEx, a global traceability firm.

This requires local enterprises, individuals and firms in fresh produce supply chain (including transporters, cold room/storage facilities) to maintain more detailed records and exercise greater controls, in other words called traceability in modern trade parlance.

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