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Future Fit Strategy: A New Approach to Collaborative Work

Future Fit Strategy: A New Approach to Collaborative Work

Join us for a discussion where the panel will navigate us through the Future Fit Manifesto and provide expert guidance to organizations wanting to take control of their own destiny. Join the discussion with guest speakers Ludwig Melik, CEO of Planbox and Cris Beswick, Founder of Advisory Firm, OUTCOME to explore new possibilities, seek new frontiers and boldly create new futures for your organization.
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Future Smart Cities - 4th edition

Future Smart Cities - 4th edition

In this conference a huge number of researchers and stakeholders will be discussing how building smart cities foster sustainability. They'll also tackle the challenges and concerns that should be considered while investing in the services and infrastructure that support a more livable city.
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Foldable Solar Cells

Picture solar panels, and you’re most likely picturing a solid square slab. But the tech is becoming more flexible... Learn how it's possible

Invention for Sale: Automatic Two-Speed Reducer

Automatically change the gear ratio depending on the torque on the driven shaft, which allows you to protect the motor from overloads. Learn More

Patent for Sale: Preservation and Dispensing System for Corked Bottles

A substantial improvement over current wine preservation and dispensing systems, in both length and quality of preservation and ease/speed of integrating and removing each bottle. View It Here

Innovation In The New Normal

If an organization is to survive and thrive in our new normal, enablers of adaptability must be put in place by C-level executives. Read More
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