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Reuters Events Customer Service & Experience 2022

Reuters Events Customer Service & Experience 2022

It’s no secret that service and experience have moved into the heart of business strategy. Two thirds of organizations now compete on customer experience alone. Launch into the Future of Service & Experience with data-driven strategies, empowered agents & seamless omnichannel experiences as the foundation. That’s why Reuters Events: Customer Service & Experience 2022 brings together leaders from the world’s biggest and most influential brands, to set a new standard for service & experience. Ensure your business is prepared with the right tools, real-world benchmarks and organizational strategies that will be the bedrock of customer-centric transformation.
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XXXIII ISPIM Innovation Conference

XXXIII ISPIM Innovation Conference

The ISPIM Innovation Conference 2022, “Innovating in a Digital World”, is a three-day event that brings together world-renowned experts on innovation management. Researchers, managers, business and thought leaders will share insights on innovation management hot-topics with a specific focus on digitalization, digital disruption and digital transformation. The conference will be a hybrid event with both in-person and virtual participation.
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Invention for Sale: Secure Images

A robust software to ensure images haven’t been tampered. Learn how it's possible

A Raised Keyboard

A customizable keyboard that splits into two halves to optimize ergonomics. See How It Works

Kara Pure

Kara Pure extracts water from atmospheric moisture, turning it into mineral-rich alkaline drinking water. Read More

Kombucha Cultures Could Be the Key to Better Water Filters

A study found that filtration membranes formed from SCOBYs are more effective at preventing bacterial growth than commercial equivalents. Learn More
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