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Green Urbanism 6th Edition

Green Urbanism 6th Edition

Green Urbanism is known as the process of designing new cities or developing already-existing ones to preserve resources, benefit humans, and reduce negative environmental impacts. Due to the increasing threats of global warming, gas emissions, and the diminishing of future energy resources, and as a result of the rapid increase in population, the world has decided to establish eco-friendly cities. During the conference, several questions and problems will be addressed like how to balance urban development and environmental impacts. The Conference also tries to face the challenges of creating sustainable green communities by focusing on new techniques to organize the use of energy and natural resources.
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3rd World Congress on Robotics and Automation

3rd World Congress on Robotics and Automation

Robotics-Mechatronics 2022 goals are to proclaim the understanding and proportion of brand new thoughts amongst professionals, students, and industrialists from the studies region of Robotics and Automation to proportion their studies and bask in interactive discussions on the event. This year’s theme “Robotics and Automation for a sustainable future” will combine an understanding of mechanical engineering, electronics and dimension and manipulation within the layout of merchandise and processes.
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A New Type of Bicycle

This bike uses a different way of transmitting the rider's force. Riders can choose the effort & speed of pedaling, not dependent on mass/speed/slant. Read More

The Ultimate Weight Plate

It solves the problem to secure the weight plate with the barbell or dumbbell with its integrated clamp within the weight plate. See How It Works

The Lagom Series

The go-anywhere camper has plenty of space and the silver lining is its floor-to-ceiling transparent panels for panoramic views. Learn More

A Portable Kitchen Hood

Available in both wireless and wired formats, the AirHood works partly like a chimney, and partly like an air purifier. Learn How
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