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AiX Business Summit | ODSC West 2022

AiX Business Summit | ODSC West 2022

Accelerate AI, co-located with ODSC West 2022, brings together the top industry executives, managers, and CxOs to help you understand how AI and data science can transform your business including: Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Government, Education, Bio/Pharma, Media & Marketing, Transportation, Finance, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, E-commerce, and more. This is the most important Industry AI Event of the year, hear from fellow CxOs, executives, chief data scientists, and thought leaders. Learn how AI and Data Science techniques are transforming business and prepare your company for the next wave of innovation.
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ODSC APAC Virtual Conference 2022

ODSC APAC Virtual Conference 2022

Over the course of 2 days, ODSC APAC Virtual will host 20+ hands-on workshops and tutorials. 15+ ODSC Talks, and the Virtual AI Expo Hall & Partners Demo Talks. Post conference, you'll also have access to recordings from the conference on-demand. Experts in their fields, ODSC APAC speakers will share their knowledge and insights on essential data science and AI topics such as: Deep Learning | Apache Spark | Machine Translation | NLP | Unsupervised Learning | Data Visualization | Conversational AI | Autonomous Machines | TensorFlow | and much more.
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Side Chick Chip

An advanced barcode inventory and payment management system. An aid in shipping and stocking different items efficiently and managing payment systems effectively between parties. Learn More Here

Electric Shoe Polisher

Ray Charles Easy Shine the ultimate hand held electric shoe polisher, look your best without the mess! See How It Works


Pronounced ‘Cooling Sip’, the KØLINGSIP™ is a travel mug with a remarkably simple and clever lid that radically cools down hot beverages to a sip-friendly temperature. Learn How

The Flasher

Flasher’s armbands are designed to keep you visible, and therefore safe in low-light conditions. Read More
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