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SAVE THE DATE: November 15

SAVE THE DATE: November 15

You're invited to a brand new, dual subject Idea Rally! Starting Nov 15, bring your sweet tooth and let’s brainstorm some exciting innovation in candy and gum for Mondelez! This collaboration event is full of prizes, and participants will be awarded for the best contribution to the discussion, not necessarily for the best idea. So, post your ideas, help others make their ideas better, point out where they can be improved, and help push the discussion forward. Mark your calendars and keep an eye on your email for the official invitation! More details will be shared very soon.

8th Global Summit on Climate Change

8th Global Summit on Climate Change

Climate Change Conferences 2022 regards each one of the individuals to go to the "8th Global summit on Climate Change" amidst November 23-24,2022 Amsterdam | Netherlands which melds brief keynote presentations, speaker talks, Exhibitions, Symposia, Workshops, and Speaker sessions. Climate Congress 2022 will join world-class professors, scientists, researchers, students, and environmentalists, to discuss the methodology to reduce global warming, climatic change, and its effect, pollution, and recycling.
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STICKMER Technology

STICKMER tech will replace the antibodies. They are molecules that act as antibodies but better. Read More

A Growing System

A growing system for providing fluids to a plurality of growing assemblies using only a single pump and fluid source. See How It Works

The Wicked Egg

Wicked Egg was designed to be simultaneously a toy as well as a reward system. Learn How

Floating Cooler

A floating cooler that keeps things cool for up to 72 hours. Learn More
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