Innovation Patent Holders

OK. So here's the serious stuff. These people have had their visions, built their dreams, and patented their inventions and processes into potentially monetized products. Not for the faint of heart. Do you belong in these lofty ranks? Add your patents to your profile. You deserve the recognition.

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Dan Scha, PhD
Dana Wolcott
Dane Sazdovski
Daniel Auriel
Daniel Benito
Daniel Burbank
Daniel Slosar
Daniel Solijon
Daniel Tzabary
Daniel Vorhis
Daniela White
Danny Williams
Darren Odom
Darryl Impey
Daryle Gibbs
Dave Smith
Dave Van Horn
David Anderson
David Ashu Igbudu
David Block
David Blurtsyan
David Brits
David Carlson
David Chiarolanzio
David Chukwudubem
David Espinosa Duran
David Gaudreault
David Hanson
David McEwan
David Mohammadi gargari
David Orlebeke
David Owen
David Posnett
David Squires
David Steele
David Udumyan
David Vertegaal
David Yancey
Davinder Sharma
Davorin Ćosić
Dayal Patel
De-chu Tang
Dean Burfoot
Dean Shinabarger
Dean Tantin
Deborah O'Neil
Debra Rocco
Deepak Chandran
Dene Taylor
Dennis Onen
Dermott Reilly
Derrick Juma
Derrick Tarn
Desmond maduabuchi
Diallo Burke
Diego Israel
Diego Mora
Diji Jayakaran
Dimitris Mazarakos
Diogo Campos
Diosdado Eduardo Marín Dorta
Diwakar Singh
Dmitry Borisov
Dmitry Ivanov
Doe Ocansey
Dohanne Shute
Dolly Soni
Dolores Ascon
Domenick Masiello
Domenick Pennestri
Dominic Tumminello
Dominick Oloo
Don Rohner
Donald Lakin
Donald Morgan
Donald Thomas
Donatus Cynthia
Dong-Shan An
Doug Selsam
Douglas Clark
Douglas Cooley
Douglas King
Douglas Morgan
Douglas Nuttall
Douglas Rawlings
Doyle Eakin
Dr Jai kalam
Dr Deepa Acharya
Dr Narsimha Kandadi
Dr Neil Sharma
Dr Nenad Markovic
Dr. Eduard G Surodin MsD
Dr. Edwin Ades
Dr. John Mee
Dr. Ophelia Adams-Baker
Dr. Pallavi Joshi
Dr. Ravishankar Seriampalayam
Dr. Richard Pavelle
Dr. Sadanand Dixit

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