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Deleting Criminal Spammers from the Internet for Good

Folowing my formula, anybody can remove a criminal spammer from the Internet for good.

Application for finding, communicating & meeting with random people being in the same place using only location.

An internet/mobile application automatically connecting people within the same location and providing communication platform for business or pleassure purposes.

Idea for global social website.

Idea for entire new foundation for building global scale social website.

Reconstruction of the worldwide web

Destroy the worldwide web and rebuild it to meet the standards that us Americans seek. 24/7 security of the internet by the best computer specialists and check points,etc.

SEARCH-ENGINE WAR : Google vs Yahoo vs MSN

Using a simple technology (implanted by OS parent company Microsoft) MSN will be automatically present on hundreds of millions of PCs. See full description for more details

The Personal Advertisement Banner

The Personal Advertisement Banner is an innovation, which will monetize User Generated Content, and bring that profit to creators of content. While, displaying an advertisement effectively.

How To Become One Of The Most Frequently Visited Websites Of All Time!

My idea is to create a viral marketing campaign similar to the "Elf Yourself" 2007 marketing campaign by However, my idea is different in that people will be PAID REFERRAL FEES through a unique system for referring new users.

Online job agency

The idea brings the coat down for employers looking to hire staff and that will draw employees to join the web site. Though the joining fee and the final fee, the host stands to become a very profitable person.


To use names of real world entities to identify files of related data in specialised file sharing schemes; to use digital devices to extract pertinent data for analysis and display; to combine work process expertise with IT prowess; to introduce consensual advertising to fund information infrastructure.

Save the music industry and artists from illegal downloading

The idea is to make it worth something for consumers to buy records rather than download them.

Hotel Reservation online: guest upgrade with bookings

I have a book and hotel reservation concept that is currently exclusive and original. Gaining customers exclusive room upgades and also many free extras. cannot be copied by others as there is a bonus offering for the hotels to take part which I am not willing to discuss on a public form.

Subscriber-based airfare web-site

Fly anywhere, anytime for one low monthly fee.

Information Sorting Method

Why bother with random feedback from the general public when you could have a system that gives direct results to move forward with key consumer information to drive your business decisions.

Remote Internet System Control (RISC)

The RISC is a programmable Remote Control Devicethat will remotely control and power on all of your Hardware associated with your internet system.

MP3 Advertising

Algorithm for attaching short audio clips to MP3 songs based on song characteristic (for example pop music addresses young people etc), the MP3 will be free of charge for download via the internet. An option for encoding the MP3 song using the advertisement as a key

VoIP Calling a domain name

Today's growing market and technology also brings an immense amount of information for us to bear on our shoulders. Not only do we need to worry about keeping track of work and personal phone contacts, but we also have to remember how to access phone numbers to stores, businesses, etc. How many people know for sure that dell's toll free number is 1 800 HP INVENT? But the majority of people are certain of their web site's domain being

Cash money auction

The power of ebay is undeniable today, all people like things but there is one thing better than all: money. Why don't auction money?

virtual, interactiv & permanent worldfair

virtual worldfair with showroom inside the companys, exposing products and service worlddwide 24 hours/365 days for less than 10 $/day

I have sold my invention, the (Samson) Electron Battery Accelerator due to the listing on IdeaConnection. Thanks, was a great place for exposure to the public!
– Ken F.

Thanks IdeaConnection!
My Egg Cracker invention is now under licence in the United States, thanks to my listing on your inventions page.
– John O.