3D Optical Microscope - Optical System for Forming Optical Path of Oblique Angle and Method Thereof

An optical system is used in a microscope which is provided to observe a sample or in a light emitting device which applies a beam of light such as a laser beam onto a sample. The optical system can form an oblique path of light so that without shifting the sample or the position of the eyes of the observer (or the position of a light source of the light emitting device), the observer can observe (in the case of the light emitting device, it can apply light onto) not only a vertical top side the sample but also a front, rear, left or right side of the sample, or the position of a portion of the sample to be observed (in the case of the light emitting device, a portion onto which light is applied) can be varied.

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CN 102,859,414 issued 2015-03-25   [MORE INFO]
JP 5,456,178 issued 2014-01-17
US 9,075,239 issued 2015-07-07   [MORE INFO]

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