Magnetic Energy Oscillator for Output Power Source (MEOOPS) V8

Scalable magnetic mechanical power source that creates output power until mechanical failure after years of service.

Full Description:
During the creation of MEOOPS versions 1-7 I discovered that repulsive diamagnetic material can be substituted in the place of ferromagnetic magnetic material for the use in coupling/decoupling same magnetic polarity attraction in linear geometric configurations as first demonstrated by Professor Eric Laithwaite ( MEOOPS V8 uses rare-earth magnetics and steel metal foamed ( then compressed ( for reduction of size and density. MEOOPS V8 slides magnetics material from drilled holes in their center core and also uses wheel technology from watch making ( MEOOPS V8 movement in generated by using spring closing and magnetic attraction pull opening venetian blinds (patent US2420301A) made of repulsive diamagnetic material.

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Invention #12341
Date posted: 2020-01-26

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