Patented Magnet Motor by MAC

I have invented and Patented a Magnet Motor. My first Model was very crude as I built most of the parts by hand. It works, it got my my Patent and proof of concept. I have a letter from Brown University outlining the power, I couldn't do the Magnetism to Horsepower conversion. I now have my second model complete. It puts out 200% and up over input. These are with my measurements which are pretty simple to take on this model. This can be a power amplifier as well.

I have worked on this invention for 21 years before my first model ran. I have video of that as well. I received my patent and kept working on it. I have no funding from anyone, I am the sole owner of the patent. I am working closely with a friend on the business side. The applications here are limitless or at least far beyond my scope. This motor works off of Neodymium magnets, not electro magnets. I'm looking for someone who has the means financially to get this into the world and buy a license deal. Let me know if you would like to talk more. Please add your contact info when responding so I know who I am speaking with. If your not qualified please don not respond or try to be a broker on this deal. Thank you.

US 7,330,094 issued 2005-05-31   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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