Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower

Every minute of every day, in hundreds of millions of homes all around the world quality fresh drinking water is being wasted due to inefficient showers.

This places unnecessary pressure on the environment, government infrastructure and household budgets.

Global water consumption rates are so high that surface water is shrinking at an alarming rate and groundwater reserves are depleting much faster than they can be replenished.

Of all the shower waste solutions currently on the market the Cullector is the only one that addresses all of the major waste problems inherent in typical showers.

There are approximately 900 different types of showers currently registered on the Australian Government WELS database.

Based on flow rate alone the Cullector is in the top 5% of all WELS products. When the Cullectors’ additional water saving features are taken into consideration it's clearly the standout water saving shower solution.

The multi award winning Cullector combines several water saving features into one simple self powered unit.

1. Collect It - Collect the fresh water normally wasted during warm up time.
2. Use it - Use the collected water in the shower to create a stronger fuller flow.
3.Time it - After 4 to 5 minutes a gentle pulse in the shower stream indicates time is up.
4. Pause it - Pause the shower at any time to soap up or shampoo without needing to adjust taps.
5. Low flow - Experience a quality full flow shower at low flow rates.
6. Easy DIY - Simply replace your existing shower. No drilling or plumber required.

It's a great invention supported by the Australian Government and designed to save water, power, money and the environment without sacrificing comfort.

The Cullector provides environmental and financial benefit far beyond that of the initial user and is a necessary and timely inclusion to global water conservation.

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US 2,008,258,129 issued 2009-01-08   [MORE INFO]
AU 8,517,056 issued 2009-04-23   [MORE INFO]

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Asking Price: US$89,000

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