An Inexpensive Replacement to Race Car Beds

The present invention is a malleable bed cover that transforms a child's bed into a predetermined object. The purpose of this invention is to replace plastic and wood bedframes that come in the shape of doll houses, airplanes, race cars, etc.
Think of a fancy slipcover for a bed and bedframe. But this will allow children to transform their beds into a huge toy with storage and attachments. Cushioned barriers are strategically placed to prevent injuries. There are storage units for toys and accessories for the bed cover. The attachments include cushions for the corners of the bed cover, and toys to use with the bedcover. For example, a doll house bed cover could be purchased with dolls, furniture, animals, food and any other item that could be found in a house.

This is a safe, washable, easy to install, inexpensive replacement to plastic and wood frames that come in the shape of predetermine objects. Why should parents buy a new bedframe when they can use one and change out the covers as their child's interest changes.

US 20,150,208,836 issued 2015-04-15   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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